The Carolina Digital Health Research Initiative (CaDHRI) is a partnership of UNC’s Health Sciences Library & School of Medicine with UNC Health Care’s Center for Innovation. CaDHRI promotes digital health for faculty, students, providers, and researchers by offering workshops & seminars, devices for research studies, and digital health consultations.

CaDHRI  Award Proposal (pdf)


Brian Moynihan Brian Moynihan, MBA | MSIS | MA

CaDHRI Director 

Head of Health Technology & Informatics

UNC Health Sciences Library



Carlton Moore, MD, MS

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor of Medicine

UNC School of Medicine




Gayatri Rathod

Project Coordinator

UNC PSM Candidate | Biomedical and Health Informatics



Saba Akbar


Saba Akbar

Graduate Research Assistant




Fei Yu

Health Technology and Informatics Librarian





Lynn Eades

Health Technology Librarian






Julia Hill, MPH

Project Coordinator








Mihir Pershad

Project Coordinator



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